Hello, my name is Cheltee aka Mrs Triple Threat. A 23 year old wife who lives in the wide open spaces of Oklahoma with my high school sweetheart and our four fur babies. You can typically find me sitting down reading a book, playing call of duty, trying new makeup, or thrift shopping. I am a control freak who cries when I am mad and makes weird noises when I am bored. I never rarely spend more than what I have budgeted and always find the best deals possible. During the daylight I am snoozing away in bed or hanging with family while at night I am hanging out with friends or working as a Dispatcher. So while I wait for the rest of my life to get itself together, I blog to pass the time....

I have been blogging for the last four years and even though I started as a newly engaged / newlywed
blogger, I have transformed into a real life, body positive, beauty, and budgeting blogger. The name Mrs Triple Threat was a nickname given to me by my husband Travis and his best man Aiden while I was experiencing a horrible case of food poisoning and it kind of stuck. It made for a pretty bad-ass gamer tag so I kept it. This blog is a place where I share my thoughts, document my life, share tips, and keep everything authentic to myself as possible. If you can't handle that then feel free to check out some of the blogging friends I have on my sidebar, maybe they are more of your shot of whiskey.

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