Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Things You Can Do in Oklahoma City

Traveling across the united states has always been a realistic goal of mine since I was a young teen and I am sure many of you also share this goal. Thanks to Katie at House. Life. Girl for leaving a comment on my most recent giveaway about her love for traveling and recommending a post about things people can do in my area if traveling. I will be honest I currently live in a very small town with probably around 20,000 people and there isn't really anything someone should travel 50+ miles to see. So I thought it would be fun to share what cool things travelers should include in their must see while visiting the Oklahoma City area.

Oklahoma City Zoo - Admission Cost is $8.00 per adult - Travis and I are huge zoo fans and coming from a city that has one of the worst zoo I have ever been too the Oklahoma City Zoo is worth seeing. We visit the Oklahoma City Zoo at least every three to six months because zoos aren't just for kids. It doesn't matter if they have new animals because each time we go I am able to catch a different view of the animal. Believe it or not they are not always sleeping. You won't see us complain when we get to see brand new babies or new exhibits.  Interacting with the staff is also a hoot. They are so friendly and informative so if you are like my adorable husband and ask a thousand questions about the animals they never look annoyed. Their under water exhibit has tons of salt water fish, sharks, sea lions, and otters, which is something you can't skip on. The last few visits we were able to bring along my adorable nephews and lets just say that is an adventure in itself. Bringing kids to the zoo is a completely different experience but the Oklahoma City Zoo makes it a little easier. There Kid Space is incredible with a barn style petting zoo, splash pad, and plenty of play grounds across they entire zoo. Two of our favorite parts of the zoo for kids is the Carlisle which is never a regret and the water fall and clean water stream where little ones can play and you can put your feet in after walking. Speaking of walking, if you aren't in a walking mood or have a messed up knee like Travis catch a ride on their zoo train.

Museum of Osteology - Admission Cost is $8.00 per adult - Along with loving animals we love to know more about them under neither their appearance. What better way to learn then by visiting a skeleton museum? This museum has over 300 different skeletons and a few different learning stations. Recently the Oklahoma City Zoo donated their Elephant Chai's skeleton to the museum so we are super excited to be able to view that soon and see how they display this beautiful animal. The entire museum is clean, informative, and well presented with such a large variety of specimens from around the world. Most of their skeletons are displayed as though the animal is actually in motion or as realistic as possible, hard to explain but it is pretty cool. If you are into seeing some bones and learning more about how animals and other specimens function under their skin, check this place out. Heads Up : This is a small museum and only has a small gift shop so if you are hungry or have children who like to snack make sure to eat prior to admission or bring a snack along.

Frontier City - Admission Cost is $38.99 per adult - Roller Coasters, Cotton Candy, Water Rides, Old West Shows, and hours of Fun is the only way to describe why you should visit Frontier City. I have visited this park as an adult and as a pre teen and don't regret it either way. There is so much to do and a whole day is pretty much what it takes to visit every part of it. You can see live actors in the wild west, dancers and illusions in The World of Magic, clowns and comedy in the circus, or attend a free concert with admission. Who wouldn't want to see entertainment like Hunter Hayes, Brett Michaels, and American Authors? Just to list a few that are coming soon. Frontier City is a great place for kids and adults to enjoy an afternoon of fun and adventures. Some of our favorite rides are the Renegade Rapids, Silver Bullet, Steel Lasso, and Geronimo Skycoaster. Looking for more fun? Grab a Two Park Pass and visit White Water Bay for a day of water slides, water rides, and lounging in a float.

Oklahoma City National Memorial - Admission Cost is $15.00 per Adult - One of the most remembered days in Oklahoma is April 19 1995, which was the day a horrible person decided to take the lives of 168 lives. This museum and memorial represents that day and allows people from across the state and world to remember the lives that were lost that day. The Outdoor Symbolic Memorial is absolutely beautiful and allows visitors to learn and bring thoughts and prayers. The Museum allows visitors to become familiar with that tragic day, the lives that were lost, and the steps Oklahoma City has taken to bring hope. Travis and I have only visited once since our move to Oklahoma and even though we don't prefer to return due to the emotional toll it has for some of my friends and family, I would recommend a visit to anyone who would like to learn about the history behind this memorial.

Memorial not your cup of tea? Visit Bricktown which is the area surrounding the memorial. Great Food, Friendly People, and Plenty of Shops to Explore.

After typing these all up I believe Travis and I will be making some new weekend plans for the upcoming months. If you are planning a trip to Oklahoma City, feel free to take a few pictures and share them with me. I would love to see and hear about your experience with any of the above locations. Come across a place that isn't listed? Share! Travis and I are always down to view new places and explore new adventures. Before you go, make sure to enter into our first giveaway to win  $25 Starbucks Gift Card, you could use it as a treat for your next road trip.


  1. I love visiting The Cowboy Hall of Fame I think it is called The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Also the Kirkpatrick Center/Omniplex has a day full of fun too and a planetarium. The Paseo Arts District to shop and check out the galleries. Bricktown is fun in the evening for dining and entertainment. I forgot about Frontier City. We went there once when my daughter had a cheer competition there. That was a fun amusement park too. It had an old timey feel to it and had a lot more to do there than I was expecting. This was a great post!

  2. Wow! I'm so impressed the the zoo also have an underwater exhibit. It's like a zoo and aquarium in one. And only 8 bucks. That's awesome!
    Now, I'm curious to know where you lived before that had the worst zoo!

  3. This is so great! I'm glad you featured this! It is kind of fun to sit and think about the places you'd recommend people visit - you realize you haven't been there in ages or have never visited yourself! I hope you do a follow up after your adventures :)


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