Monday, May 23, 2016

Internet Out? No Problem Do These Things Instead

Hello Lovelies,
At the beginning of month Travis and I spent an entire 84 hours without internet, which in our case means no cable, no computers, and no gaming.  Our wonderful horrible internet service decided that a few houses in our neighborhood weren't worth working the weekend to fix an internet leak. Small town internet companies tend to suck BIG time. Since we work nights and sleep during the day. I was actually at home using the computer when the internet went out at 2 am so I called the cable company and was greeted by a recording ( don't you love that? ) that stated they were doing maintenance in my air from 1am to 6am. After hearing that Travis and I decided to hit the sheets and when I woke up at 10:30 am the internet was still down. Once again I called customer service and actually spoke with someone however was told that the internet was down due to weather. I was shocked well because the entire week had been bright, sunny, and beautiful, so to say he was full of shit was an understatement. When I questioned his statement and made it pretty clear that I knew he was talking out his butt, he hung up on me. Say What?!? Travis wasn't having it, so he called back and demanded to speak with a supervisor. He spoke with this sweet girl and all was going well until she decided to tell us that because there was only so many houses that were out of internet it wasn't considered an outage and wasn't a top priority.  Those were her exact words, I promise. When Travis started questioning where the company's priorities were and the fact that the other representative lied about weather issues, she disconnected. Anger levels were hitting the rough but during each call we kept it cool and professional so we didn't deserve to be hung up on. 

After an afternoon of running errands and our tempers cooling down we contacted the customer service again. This time we were told that an official outage was declared at 2:30pm that afternoon, we asked how long it would take for them to make repairs. We were advised that there was not an estimated time frame and that they are working on it. For once the phone was disconnected peacefully on both side of the phone. Travis and I called around 10pm that night to see where the repairs were and again they did not know but they wanted to schedule a in house repair. Confused as all heck I said okay but was told the earliest someone could come to repair our internet would be on Wednesday, it was Thursday. I wasn't happy to hear that news but there wasn't anything else that could be done. Our internet was finally repaired Sunday afternoon and I made sure to cancel my "in house repair". This girl doesn't need any surprise charges because I didn't cancel it. 

At the end of all this madness, I realized that Travis and I both rely on internet so much. I am sure it isn't the healthiest thing we do but that doesn't mean I am going to stop blogging, streaming Game of Thrones, or playing Black Ops 2. One of the things we did agree on after this experience was that we needed to cut the internet cord ( not literally ) one day a week so we can enjoy other things in life. So far we have had very productive moments and packing has went a little quicker. I guess that first 84 hours of no internet, no option allowed us to open the door to a few interesting things to do when you're wanting an internet cleanse or your internet company decides you're not a priority. 

1. Break out the old school board games and start playing. Travis and I love playing candy land but get us in a game of monopoly and our competitive sides come out. 

2. Try a new look and make it fierce. All of my ladies who love to use makeup well now would be the time to break out that new palette and try something new. I practiced my wing skills quite a bit over these 84 hours but let's just say it still needs some work. 

3. Channel your inner clean freak. Put on your rubber gloves, grab some paper towels or simply do the dishes. Just clean something that you haven't had time to clean or needs cleaning after a long winter. Beauty girls, clean that makeup stash! 

4. Sit back on the couch and pop in a classic. Travis and I love to do this every so often but when the internet is down it is perfect. Recently we watched Mama Mia, Fast and Furious 6, Dark Shadows, and 127 Hours. 

5. Catch up on some reading. This would be the perfect opportunity to start or finish that book you haven't had a chance to read. Not into reading books? Grab a magazine at your local store and see what's hot and happening in the world. 

6. Visit a family member or friend you haven't seen in a long time. I promise they will love seeing your lovely face. 

7. Start a project. I suck at DIY but give me a few hours without internet and this girl can make some magic with a crochet needle and yarn. Travis loves to paint so his inner Picasso comes out when the internet isn't working. 


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  1. Ugh... I hate small town internet. You did have some great ideas and things I really need to take care of, but I am so in love with my internet I keep thinking, later after I read this blog, watch this video, listen to this song, you know where this is headed. Yeah, my makeup up cabinet needs destashed... amongst other things.


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