Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fresh New Start

Hello & Welcome to Mrs. Triple Threat ! A few months ago I was struggling to find my place in the big world of blogging and at times not staying true to myself. Posting whatever little thing came to my mind and spending hours in front of my laptop just figuring out how to type up a paragraph. I began to dislike what I was typing and eventually stop typing all together. When I began to feel the blogging jitters I would sit down and stare at the screen. How could I type up a post that I felt didn't match the style and direction of my blog? The name was wrong, the layout was wrong, and the author was completely torn between starting over or continuing to say it may get better. After talking to my husband and figuring out exactly what direction I wanted my little blog to go in, I made the decision to deactivate my previous blog while I organized and designed everything here. Selecting the perfect name was my first step to happiness and blogging bliss.

Mrs. Triple Threat is actually a nickname I have had since 2011 when my husband and brother in law decided to nickname me after a bad food poisoning experience. Gross, I know but that's a story for another time. The nickname grew on me quickly and made for a bad ass gamer tag so I decided to keep it. After blogging for over a year as a newly engaged bride to be, I pondered renaming my blog Mrs. Triple Threat but went against it because I thought it was too personal. That is when Little Bitty Changes was created and at first I thought the new name was catchy and almost perfect to how our lives were as a newlyweds. Key word almost. Now after four years of blogging I have finally wrapped my mind and heart around allowing my nickname to become a bigger part of me and I couldn't be happier.

Now that we have all the basics out of the way, let me tell you what my new and exciting plans are for Mrs. Triple Threat as a lifestyle blog. This little corner of the inter web will be a place to bring a smile to not only my face but to each and every one who visits. I won't lie, there will be post that probably will make people feel things that don't necessarily make them want to smile but my goal is never to upset but to educate and share. Posting tips and tricks on how to navigate through the little things in life or to prepare you for the big things to come. Mrs. Triple Threat is where I will be free to express my love for books, makeup, photography, being body positive, and so much more.

To thank you for reading all my rambling and just stopping by feel free to enter to win a $25 Starbucks Gift Card. Giveaway is for US residents only and will end on 04.16.2016 at 12:00AM  Central Time. One winner will be selected at random through RaffleCopter within 72 hours of the giveaway ending. Good Luck!

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PS. For anyone wondering, I will not be transferring any of my old post from my other blog as I would prefer to recreate them with better quality posts.


  1. Welcome back! The new blog looks great!

    1. I forgot to put what I'd like to see! It would be great if you could do some coverage of things to do/see/can't-miss in your area! I'm always looking for new places to travel/visit and I like to check out blogs to see where I can at least swing through on my way (huge road trip girl!)

  2. I think it's important you stay true to what you feel the need to post, even if you don't have a particular niche. I am excited to see your posts on body positivity and books!


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