Monday, April 11, 2016

30 Things That Make Me Happier

Yesterday I came across an awesome blog post by one of the queens of blogging, Helene at Helene In Between who shared 30 Things That Make Her Extremely Happy. After reading the list of things that make Helene happy, I couldn't help but create my own list. Plus with all the changes around here what better way to show all of you the happier side of me. 

1. Fresh Smelling Candles
2. Long Lasting Lipstick, Mac Matte Velvet Teddy and almost any NYX Soft Matte Liquid Lippies. 
3. Having a Shiny Wedding Ring
4. Watching a Body Positive YouTube Video, Kendall Rae, Sarah Rae Vargas, Learning To Be Fearless, and Brittney, to name a few. 
5. Puppies, even when they are 3+ years old and taking control of my house. 
6. Clean Dishes, well in that case a clean house and car while we are at it. 

7. New Vape Juice. Our current favorites are Fruit Hoops, Murica, and Goblin Energy by Vape Wild
8. Surprise Gifts
9. My Nephews
10. Road Trips
11. Concerts
12. A Well Organized Planner, couldn't agree with Helene more about this subject. 
13. Relaxing Days Off
14. When I come across forgotten property. Packing and moving has brought a lot of this. 
15. New Episodes on Hulu and Netflix. TV shows like Jane the Virgin, The Voice, and Quantico. 
16. Non Chipped Nail Polish
17. Half Priced Sonic Shakes. Loving the Peanut Butter, Hot Fudge, & Cheesecake Shake after 8 pm. 
18. Learning New Blogging Tricks

19. Trips to the Zoo
20. Adult Coloring Books
21. Good Deals. Travis almost always benefits from this happiness with new toys and adventures. 
22. When DIY Projects Work Out.
23. Sweet Tea & Lemonade, because Sweet Tea alone is unpleasant. 
24. Visiting the Farm and Seeing My Family.
25. Taking the Perfect Photograph
26. Playing Shuffle Board with Good Friends, a pitcher of Angry Orchard tends to make it an even happier moment. 
27. A Solid Savings, Extra Cash from our Budget, and a Good Budget Planning. 
28. Comfy Clothes
29. New Packages in the Mail
30. Travis. 

Another thing that brings a smile to my face and makes me super happy is winning a giveaway and getting free money to one of my favorite coffee shops. If giveaways also make you happier, be sure to enter to win a $25 Gift Card to Starbucks, HERE

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