Monday, April 18, 2016

Story Time : I Was Fat Shamed By Another Department

Being called fat is something no human takes lightly, even if you have confidence radiating out your bum. Personally when someone calls me fat, I laugh it off because they aren't telling my size 22 butt anything I don't already know. I mean I am the one who is picking out my clothes and squeezing into shape wear to look on point most days. Travis picks out my clothes sometimes, lucky wife right here. In my line of work wearing a uniform is just as important as a blogger needing WiFi. How would someone know that I am in security if I wasn't wearing a shirt that says so? I guess this is where my story begins....

When I first became a Security Officer the company I worked for required us to wear these big blue fancy suits. As my transfer day came closer, I became more and more excited to try on my new uniform. If I only knew the exhausting feeling and hurtfulness I was going to endure during the experience then. My first trip to our uniform department went quickly as the uniforms they gave me did not fit and the boxes that contained larger sizes were in another area. I was asked to return the following day to try on other options, so that is exactly what I did. When I returned the next day the uniform employee had two sizes laid out for me to try on. After trying to squeeze myself into the larger size, I returned with no luck. I was becoming a little discouraged but the employee continued to tell me that she would fine something. After a few more trips to the dressing room I finally found an outfit that worked and was semi comfortable. I don't care what anyone says wearing a suit is never comfortable. The employee wrote down all the sizes and told me that my new uniforms would be ready by Friday, which was good news since I started my new position on Sunday. I finished my shift with my head held high and excitement running through my veins but that all came to a halt the next day.

The next day I was advised by my managers that I was being requested to return to wardrobe for a uniform fitting. Confused I explained that I had already been fitted and that they said it would be finished on Friday. My manager was just as confused as I was but advised me to go see what was going on. I was even more confused when I got there and saw that the same employee who had fit me the night before was the one asking me for another fitting. When I asked why she advised me that her manager requested another fitting as she did not believe I could fit into the sizes that were written down. Lets just say I went from confused to absolutely pissed. Who was she to tell me I couldn't fit in a certain size? Being the employee that I am I kept my mouth shut and contacted my manager to supervise my fitting. I tried on the uniform again and had pictures taken so we could "prove" that the uniform fit and was to company policy. Still fuming I thought that was the end of the battle, but I was wrong. 

A few days went by and it was time to pick up my uniform. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect before starting my shift so I went early in the morning. I work the night shift so it was a miracle to be awake and up there in the morning. When I got to the office I noticed that the employee that had been assisting me was not there and an older lady was in her place. After telling her my name, department, and clothing number, she went back to grab my uniforms. As she was entering in my uniform numbers into the computer and adding bar codes to each article of clothing, she looks up and says.... Don't you think your breast are to big for this shirt?.... EXCUSE ME, I was livid. I calmly told her that the shirts did fit my large breasts or I wouldn't have chosen them as a uniform. She laughed and said that she couldn't believe it but if I thought they were okay then she would give them to me. I am pretty sure smoke started coming out of my ears at this point. I grabbed my clothes and walked as fast as my short legs could move. 

I am sure you are wondering what happened next? Well to answer that question, nothing. I went home vented to Travis and later said something to my manager but nothing past that point. The employee was never advised that saying something like that to a co-worker was rude and hurtful. I later found out that I wasn't the only one who had experienced fat shaming from this specific person and department manager. I was shocked and so upset by the fact that nothing had been done about it. Looking back I wish I would have pushed the subject more, made a proper complaint, and hopefully educated the rude individuals who thought it was okay to say those things. I hope that by me not speaking up more, I didn't leave an opportunity open for someone else to be treated that way.  Using this as a lesson has helped me stand up to body shaming in other ways, in and out of my work place. It is never okay for someone to tell you what size you should be wearing or how you should look. Unless it is outside your clothing policy, please don't go to work in a crop top when you are supposed to wear a suit. That may get you fired and I won't take responsibility for that. If you are being fat shamed or treated badly about your appearance at work, SPEAK UP. Don't allow someone to speak to you like that because I can almost guarantee they are doing it to someone else as well. What would you do if this situation happened to you?

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  1. How horrible!!! Some people have absolutely no common sense or respect for others. I remember probably 5 years ago I was returning a pair of jeans to American Eagle. I have purchased them online and they didn't fit. When the employee asked if I wanted a refund or to exchange them for something else I said a refund. She replied with "We have underwear on sale and there's even some big ones like 2XL in there." I just said no thank you, took my refund and somehow managed to get to my car before I started crying. Would I need that size? Yes, but that wasn't the point to me. She said it in front of a bunch of other customers. I didn't think it was professional at all.


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