Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Two Comedy Movies You Need to Watch

Hello Strangers!
It has been a good minute or days since I last typed out a few paragraphs on this blog and I am not going to apologize because shit happens. The last month has been one of the most life changing 30 days I have experienced in a long time. This time last month Travis and I got a phone call while we were at work that no fur parent wants to receive. Our little ball of terror was taken from us way to soon by a coyote who thought she would be interesting to eat. Luckily my mother was able to stop the coyote from actually doing more than just a fatal bite. It was quick and honestly we don't think Pudge even saw it coming. Travis and I rushed home from work to say goodbye to one of our best friends. It has been super hard and even right now I am fighting back the tears. Pudge wasn't perfect and sometimes I wondered why we tolerated her over aggressive attitude but I loved her. A little piece of our hearts is missing and Sedona hasn't been doing too well without her best friend.

On top of that last month Travis and I decided that May was the month we would take our next steps to a bigger and better future. We are moving back to Arizona in less than two weeks! I am not looking forward to moving states, AGAIN! However I am super excited to be around some amazing people that I have missed over the last three years. For anyone who is wondering, all of my family will be staying in the beautiful state of Oklahoma so I am going to miss them to pieces. Mini vacations back home will be a must and even though my family may think it will be a year before they see me again, I have different plans. Half of the house is already packed and notices have been given to the needed parties. After everything's said and done I would love to share our experience with a post or maybe even a vlog / video. If you are moving states right now or have done in the past, props to you cause this shit is hard.

When Travis and I do have some down time we have focused on spending time with family and friends or relaxing on the couch to watch a movie. Even when we are feeling lazy but need to stay productive we will move boxes and items into the living room and multi task. It takes a talented person to watch a hilarious movie and pack for a long distance move. Am I right? Our movie choices have been focused around the funnier side of life and can I just say I am okay with that especially after the few weeks we have had. Since all the movies are currently in theaters or in Redbox, I thought I would share the laughter and show you what movies you do not want to miss out on.

Let me start with any movie that stars this beautiful lady ( Melissa McCarthy ) is a hit in my book. I seriously love pretty much everything about this lady! If you haven't seen the commercials for "The Boss" well then I am going to assume you don't watch cable or Hulu. The storyline behind this movie is simple and probably close to a true story to many current and previous high profile entrepreneurs. Michelle Darnell is a high profile business woman who is on top the world with every person she steps on but when she gets arrested for insider trading, her world comes crashing down. She quickly finds out that not everyone is willing to lend a helping hand after being treated as a stepping stone. After a few rough sleeping positions and a lot of begging, Michelle lands a place to sleep and decides that she has to change the game when it comes to getting back on top. That includes being seen as an America's Sweetheart and playing nice with everyone. Rebranding doesn't come easily but Michelle is determined and won't stop til every cookie sells. Michelle Darnell is sassy, funny, and you can't help but to laugh at her wardrobe choices and her attitude.

For weeks Travis and I heard so many positive comments about Deadpool and how amazing Ryan Reynolds played the character exactly like the comic. Our friends went and saw the movie numerous times in theaters while looking at us like we were crazy for not seeing it yet. A few weekends ago Travis and I finally had the chance to sit back and see what all the chatter was about. We did not regret a single moment of that decision. We laughed our bottoms off pretty much the entire movie and even though we had very high expectation because of all the hype, they were met. The storyline for this movie is pretty serious but it's nothing short of a comedy. Wade is your typical bachelor with a dark side for getting things done with a slice of humor. After falling in love and getting the worse news any person can receive. Wade becomes desperate to redirect his life and decides to volunteer for an underground experiment that promises to fix all of his problems. When he wakes, he quickly learns that he is not only cured but can heal quicker than humanly possible. Adapting to his alter ego, "Deadpool" not only brings joy to his life but now allows him to go after the only man who can fix what the experiments created.

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